Palestine Emergency Appeal

Buy from "AFE Clothing" and know that with every purchase, you're contributing to charity. Being a gratitude brand, we acknowledge giving back as our core value. 

100% of sale profits from all clothing and hoodies until June. 30, 21 will go to Islamic Relief who is on the grounds in GazaTheir emergency response team deliver not only aid and resources for kids in need but also help with food, medical bags for hospitals,  COVID-19 vaccines, vouchers and psychological support for families through ongoing programs and all the supplies needed by homeless families whose homes have been destroyed.  

Islamic Relief has been by the side of vulnerable Palestinians since 1997, delivering vital humanitarian and development assistance, and we will remain by their side. Islamic Relief has a team of around 60 staff on the ground in Gaza. Their colleagues live and work in the communities they serve. 

Donate now, any purchase will help, and if you are not in the position to, please share our website to friends and family on social media so it can be seen by others that can help or donate here

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