We're constantly looking for passionate, driven people that take pride in their work and believe in the vision of our brand. If you feel you can contribute to our growth and join a team of over-achievers, shoot us an email with your cover letter/resume:

We are in search of cutting edge Photographers, Videographers, Stylist and Creatives for freelance projects. If you feel you have a keen understanding of our vision and can contribute to our content creation, email sample work/Portfolio/Social Media handles to:

About AFE:
AFE Clothing is a contemporary clothing brand built on communicating stories bigger than just fashion, both in our message and our company culture. It's important to have our work speak to people in a way where it connects both internally and visually. That message really sits at the core of our brand philosophy. Being obsessively in tune with our industry and trends, we take note of the fact that there aren’t many brands bringing together storytelling with well made product. The driving force for us is to grow a brand of value from an inherent passion and bring it to a world audience.

Our Brand Culture:

At AFE, we’ve built a culture that attracts smart, curious and highly creative people. Since we are in fashion, a keen interest for our industry is critical, despite which department you work in. We also seek those who strike a balance between mastering the fundamentals of their respective role yet push the edges of what’s expected from them. That is both how our employees grow in their careers with us, at the same time allowing us to have cutting edge talent in our company. In addition to that, we feel there is a strong overlap in every department at AFE Clothing Co. and we believe in the power of uniting individuals with different strengths, experiences and points of view. This allows us to create a family like environment striving to collectively grow together.