AFE Spotlight of the Month- Ahmed Khan

My name is Ahmed Khan and I am the President of the SFU MSA. I found out about AFE because I met Bilal at a local basketball tournament where he showcased his leadership skills, being able to leave a presence on the youth in the community and winning MVP for a trip to Umrah to see him grow as a young devoted Muslim; I trust in his branding material.

The name “Alhamdulillah for Everything” means a lot to me. For those who don’t know, Alhamdulillah means “All Praise be to God”. Anytime good reaches me or I hear positive news, I say Alhamdulillah because it is thanks to God that good has reached me. It always keeps me in a state of remembrance of God and continues to humble me. Anytime I accomplish something, I credit God for allowing it to happen. Even the smallest of blessings is an opportunity to thank and appreciate God. The blessings that have been bestowed upon us are countless: being healthy, having a religion, and our mere existence is just a few to name. Even in tough times, I tend to ask God for guidance and assistance because only he can remove my hardships.


 About a year ago, I was in a dark place mentally which I had never been in before. My thoughts began to control me and I was scared because I had never experienced this before. It was at this point where I came across a verse in the Quran which revitalized the recovery process. The verse says, “For Indeed with hardship, comes ease. Indeed with hardship, comes ease (94:6-7)”. As I began to ponder over these verses, the light at the end of the tunnel was appearing and the darkness began to fade. Nowadays when I reflect upon those times, I remember to give thanks to God for reminding me to place my trust in him. Trust in God’s plan and everything else will work out. 

Written by: Ahmed Khan

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